The two most recognized photo id cards in the world. Don't be fooled by individual travel agency ID cards issued by a travel agency or network marketing company promising huge travel discounts. These are the so called "card mills"

We know that you are comparing home-based travel programs as any intelligent consumer would do. In your research you've certainly come across some programs that focus (almost solely) on the TRAVEL BENEFITS and AMAZING DISCOUNTS you will receive. Many programs even say you will receive your Travel Agent ID card IMMEDIATELY with no earning or training requirements.

Here are the facts about travel agent ID cards.

  1. There are only TWO forms of valid agent identification - the IATAN card and the CLIA card. The IATAN card contains the agency information and IATAN # as well as a Verification Number that is UNIQUE to each individual agent. It will have the official IATAN and IATA logos. The CLIA card contains the agency information and the agency's CLIA number and logo.

2. Based on the regulations set forth by IATAN you may only receive the official IATAN card after you have earned a minimum of $5,000.00 in commissions.  You are eligible to  receive the CLIA card application after your enrollment with WORLD CRUISING SOCIETY.You will be required to enroll in CLIA's designation program and pass a training course offered by CLIA.  This is to be sure that all IATAN and CLIA card holders are  travel professionals which helps to maintain the integrity of the industry. (World Cruising Society is affiliated with Coral Sands Travel) 

3. Any card that is advertised as a Travel Agent ID card is simply that. It only identifies you as an agent for that particular company. It is not the card that identifies you as an agent of the travel industry. If it is not the IATAN card or the CLIA card, it's just a card and will not help you in obtaining industry benefits and may even cause you embarrassment.

4. Any company advertising that their ID card is anything more than that saying that it will allow you to receive travel benefits, airline upgrades, hotel discounts and more is MISLEADING YOU!!! These companies are known as "card mills" and it is the hope of IATA and suppliers of travel to put an end to this misleading practice.

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